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  • Insurance: The Alley Theatre requires all groups renting event or reception space to have proper insurance. Please contact the Events and Operations Department if you have any questions regarding insurance.
  • Event Publicity: The Alley requires that copies of any press releases, advertisements, or public relations materials related to any event at the Alley Theatre be submitted to the Events & Operations Department prior to publication. Publication may take place only after the Alley has given written approval. No materials may be distributed on Alley Theatre property without prior approval from Alley management.
  • Entertainment: The Alley Theatre requires that all entertainment, live or recorded, be approved by the Events & Operations department prior to the event. Live bands or loud music that may interfere with other events in the building may not be permitted.
  • Decorations: The Alley does not supply decorations, linens or centerpieces for events. Groups bringing in decorations should note that all decorations, signage and/or props must be freestanding and may not be attached, even temporarily, to the walls or windows. Helium balloons, confetti, rice and candles are not allowed in certain areas of the building.
  • Parking: The Alley does not provide event parking. The adjacent parking garage is managed by MM Properties and special arrangements can be made for groups wishing to pay for their guests’ parking.
  • Smoking: While on the premises, we require that everyone observe the City of Houston Fire Ordinance, which prohibits smoking in all indoor areas and only those areas outside designated for such purpose.
  • Firearms Not Permitted: The Alley Theatre is firearms-free. Firearms, including without limitation handguns, shotguns, and rifles (whether concealed or openly carried) are prohibited on the Alley premises. See Penal sections 30.06 and 30.07 for more information in English and Spanish. For more information about the Texas “open carry” law, please visit the City of Houston website:
  • Accessibility/Special Services: Other than our 3 ½ bar area and the sculpture level in the Hubbard Lobby, all theatres, and reception facilities are fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Assisted listening is available at all Hubbard Stage and Neuhaus productions for persons with low hearing. Other special services (i.e. audio description, captioning) are available at select performances. Contact the Group Sales office for more details. Deposit: A deposit in the amount of the room rental and bar setup fee are due upon the signing of the Use and Occupancy Agreement. All remaining charges are due immediately following the event. Deposit requirements for events that involve stage use may vary. Deposit amount and payment schedule may vary for events booked through the group sales department. Details will be outlined in the group sales ticketing contract.
  • Cancellations: Should the event be canceled more than 90 days prior to the scheduled date, the Alley Theatre will refund your deposit in full. If the event is canceled within 90 days of the scheduled date then a percentage of the deposit, as described in your contract, will be refunded.