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Rob Askins visits HSPVA



Alley Theatre is able to offer an array of exciting and impactful workshops and residencies to middle and high schools that are designed for in-person or online learning. Our programs use theatre as a tool to challenge students’ understanding of current events and explore and embrace fundamental questions with which we all wrestle.

Available workshops and residencies


Builds confidence by bringing language to life. Local professional Slam Poets guide students in the exploration of written and spoken expression through poetry while learning literary techniques. This residency can be conducted in-person or virtually.  For more information, click here

Required length: 10 sessions.

The B.E.T.A. Project

Everyone entering the workforce - whether as an artist, entrepreneur, or administrative assistant - must have the ability to embrace lifelong upskilling to keep pace with our rapidly transforming economies. This innovative residency partners technology with the fundamentals of storytelling. Using pre-recorded “Open Scenes,” Teaching Artists guide students through the process of creating their story with lessons in directing, scripting, and editing. The B.E.T.A. (Building Exceptional Theatrical Art) Project is great for classes with an array of experience with tech.

Required Length: 8 sessions

First Draft/ Primer Borrador 

Transform memories into personal narratives. Students explore a combination of playwriting and creative non-fiction techniques to generate stories. These first drafts create a solid foundation for college essays, monologues, and devised performance. This residency can be conducted in-person or virtually. 

Recommended length: 8 sessions.


Learn through exercises and unscripted scenes how to think creatively on the spot. An important foundational skill, Improv fosters a sense of ensemble, strengthens listening skills, and encourages bold choices. Perfect for beginning and advanced performers. 

Recommended length: 4 sessions. 


Delve into script and character analysis by working on the actor’s calling card – the monologue. Students are guided through a process to help them create character, environment, and clear intention - essential foundational skills for all performers. 

Recommended length: 5 sessions.

TYPE: Texas Young Playwrights exchange 

Provide an entry point for the next great American playwright...or any student who just needs to tell their story. Five of the country’s most prolific playwrights help your students unearth the stories they need to tell. Using a customized online module, students are guided through a carefully curated and engaging program featuring  a mix of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The process culminates in each student crafting their own 10-minute play.    

Required length: 14 sessions


Bring Shakespeare’s language to life. Students investigate the universal themes represented in the work and how it applies to modern day, while learning fundamental concepts including poetry and characterization.

Recommended length: 5 sessions, 10 sessions to include scene work. 

Theatre for Social Justice 

Explore social justice issues that impact your community and your future, using Forum Theatre techniques pioneered by Brazilian theatre artist Augusto Boal. Students engage in meaningful discussion around difficult topics and explore potential active solutions to real life problems. 

Recommended length: 10 sessions

Time Machine Interview 

What’s important for us to remember about what’s happening right now? Alley actors and artists guide students in creating and interviewing an 80-year-old version of themselves. Focusing on Acting fundamentals such as truth, objective, and tactic - students walk away with a powerful and cathartic piece of theatre. This residency can be conducted in-person or virtually. 

Recommended length: 5 sessions. 

Show Business 

A professional theatre or film artist needs more than just talent to sustain a career. They must have a keen understanding of how technology and social media can serve as essential tools for promoting themselves and their work. Led by Broadway veteran and Social Media Influencer Bret Shuford, Show Business will show students how to build a brand for themselves while staying true to their art.  This residency can be conducted in-person or virtually. 

Recommended length: 5 sessions. 

Monologue as song 

An ovation-worthy performance in a musical requires more than just a pretty voice. Our accomplished Teaching Artists, who have appeared on Broadway and in major theatres across the country, will guide your students through the process of developing a three-dimensional character with a show-stopping character arch. 

Recommended length: 5-8 sessions.