Exploring the Quirks of “The Nerd” Characters

A raucous bunch of characters comes alive in Larry Shue’s The Nerd. From the amiable architect to the mysterious titular ‘nerd,’ the characters tell a tale of humor, absurdity, and the complexities of human relationships.

Christopher Salazar

Willum Cubbert: The Architect with a Heart of Gold
Willum Cubbert stands at the center of the narrative. He is an architect deep in his latest project, designing a hotel for the overbearing Mr. Waldgrave. Kind and intelligent (though something of a pushover), Willum struggles with a lack of assertiveness. His character serves as the linchpin around which the comedic chaos unfolds. Resident Acting Company member Christopher Salazar plays Willum.

Melissa Pritchett

Tansy McGinnis: The Idealistic Dreamer
Tansy McGinnis, a smart and successful woman, plays a crucial role in the drama of The Nerd. She grapples with the allure of her dream job as a television weather forecaster in Washington, D.C., though it might draw her away from Willum. Idealistic and upbeat, Tansy brings a refreshing energy to the play. Her internal conflict highlights the delicate balance between personal aspirations and romantic entanglements. Resident Acting Company member Melissa Pritchett plays Tansy.

Shawn Hamilton

Axel Hammond: The Sarcastic Sidekick
Axel Hammond is a theatre critic, who also happens to be Willum’s best friend. He’s a bit pretentious, especially when he’s had a drink or two. Always armed with a sarcastic comment, Axel injects a dose of cynicism into the play. Resident Acting Company member Shawn Hamilton plays Axel.

Chris Hutchison

Rick Steadman: The Oblivious Oddity
Rick Steadman, the titular ‘nerd,’ takes center stage as the root of the play’s absurdity. Oblivious to insults and lacking manners, Rick adds an element of chaos to the otherwise mundane lives of the characters. Rick’s quirks become a source of frustration and amusement for those around him—and ultimately, a catalyst for change. Resident Acting Company member Chris Hutchison plays Rick.

David Rainey

Warnock Waldgrave: The Boisterous Businessman

Mr. Waldgrave is an overbearing businessman with eight hotels under his ownership. His lack of a smile and brash demeanor contrast the more amicable characters surrounding him. Resident Acting Company member David Rainey plays Waldgrave.

Clelia Waldgrave: The High-Strung Homemaker
Right beside Mr. Waldgrave stands Clelia, his high-strung and put-upon wife. Suppressing her emotions, Clelia finds solace in breaking “something small” to release her stress. Chelsea Ryan McCurdy plays Clelia.

Sebastian Ramirez

Thor Waldgrave: The Terrifying Tot
Completing the Waldgrave family is Thor, the chaos-inducing son. Axel calls him, the “poster child for Planned Parenthood,” and it’s clear to see why. Thor’s antics, often involving hiding in closets or bedrooms, contribute to the farcical nature of the play. Sebastian Ramirez plays Thor.

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