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Rejoneador – (noun) A bullfighter who fights the bull on horseback 

 La corrida – (noun) the bullfight 

Andale, toro! – (phrase) Let’s go, bull!  

La Fiesta – (noun) Translates to “The Festival” and is the most common name for bullfighting events. For example “La Fiesta Brava” is one of the major bullfighting events in Spain.  

Muleta – (noun) A stick with a red cloth attached, used in the final tercio of a bullfight to attract the bull and obscure the sword.  

La estocada – (noun) The thrust of the sword, used to kill the bull 

Toro Bravo – (phrase) ‘Brave Bull.’ In some events, audience members will call for the bull to be spared instead of being killed by the torero 

Tentadero – (noun) The bull pen that holds the animal before the fight.  

 Rejoneo – (noun) The act of fighting a bull on horseback (see rejoneador) 

Tribuna – (noun) The seats or benches designated for spectators around the bullfighting ring.  

Banderilla – (noun) Wooden sticks with barbed end, usually covered in colorful paper, used by the torero to wound the bull throughout the fight. 

Primer Tercio – (noun) The first third of a bullfighting match. 

Segundo Tercio – (noun) The second third of a bullfighting match. 

Trecer Tercio – (noun) The final third of a bullfighting match. 

Barrera – (noun) The wooden barrier encircling the bull ring 

Capote – (noun) A cape, used by toreros to attract the bull and perform passes 

Picadero – (noun) A horseback riding stable, or riding hall  

La Faena – (noun) A series of final passes in a bullfight, leading to the killing of the bull 

Volapié – (noun) The final sword thrust that will ultimately kill the bull 

Matadora – (noun) A female bullfighter. 

Traje de Luces – (noun) The traditional suit worn by the bullfighter, adorned with complex embroidery. Literally translates to ‘suit of lights’ 

Chaquetilla – (noun) The glittery, outer jacket of a torero’s traje de luces  

 Cirujano Taurino – (noun) A surgeon or doctor on call at a bullfight  

Cuadrilla – (noun) the group of assistants that support a torero in the ring during a fight 

Burladero – (noun) a “safe area” on the edge of the bullfighting ring, protected by a freestanding wall 

Pasodoble – (noun) a style of latin American music and dance, associated with bullfighting 

Paseíllo – (noun) the ceremonial entrance of a torero into the bullring

Marquesitas (noun) – a popular dessert in Yucatán, consisting of a thin crepe rolled with cheese, caramel, and other sweet fillings