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Esme L. Wu
School Programs Manager

Slam poetRy 

Everyone has a story to tell. When shared, these stories deepen mutual understanding and spark community dialogue. Slam Poets @ Alley Theatre's mission is to teach students vital skills necessary to cultivating and nurturing their own dynamic voices. This program will instill  students with the courage to articulate and defend their most personal ideas and experiences in a public forum. Slam Poets is a 8- to 16-day in-school residency. Days can be booked consecutively or spread out over multiple weeks. This program can serve one classroom or a whole grade level. All schools will be invited to participate in the official fall and spring Poetry Slams on the Alley Theatre's stages. Top three poets in the Teen Fall Slam will advance to the Teen Grand Slam in March. The top five poets in the Teen Grand Slam will automatically qualify for the Semi-Finals for the Meta-FOUR Houston Youth Slam Team. 

Slam poets @ Alley Theatre Residencies are taught by three of Houston's most talented Slam Poets: Vincent Johnson, Rain, and Self the Poet. Get to know them here.

participating schools:

Pershing Middle School

Heights High School

Sharpstown High School

returning champions:

Gabriel Taylor Brock | Goose Creek Memorial High School

Emma Tompkins | Goose Creek Memorial High School

Destiny Guilott | Pershing Middle School


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Featured Program

SLAM Poets @ Alley theatre


FRIDAY, MARCH 27 at 6:30 pm


Hosted by Rain & Featuring DJ G Woody