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The purpose of having a dress code is to ensure that our usher staff is both professionally and distinctively dressed. It is important to be easily identifiable as you represent the Alley. We ask that you please adhere to these dress code guidelines. Ushers who deviate from the dress code may be denied an usher shift by that performance’s House Manager.

For all:

  • Apparel choices should be clothes in good condition and that present a professional image.
  • Black, red and white solid separates for men and women.
  • Please do not wear a white jacket or have a white shirt without a black or red jacket/sweater covering your white shirt.
  • Please avoid heavy perfume/aftershave because some guests have allergic reactions to strong scents.
  • The only credentials that should be worn is an Alley name badge on a lanyard. You will be asked to remove any pins or credentials from other theatres before your shift.
  • For women:
  • Dress so that you’ll be comfortable standing and steady when walking steps. Low-heeled, closed-toe shoes are best.
  • Black slacks or skirts.
  • Do not wear accessories that don’t allow you to use your hands to take tickets, give out Playbills, etc. ​​
  • Scarves are acceptable as long as they coordinate with (and not distract from) the Alley’s accepted solid colors of white, black, and/or red and that they do not inhibit movement to perform usher responsibilities.
  • Please do not bring a purse. We do not have a secure place to keep them and cannot be responsible for your valuables. You may not wear a crossbody bag or fannypack while ushering.

For men:

  • White, black or red long-sleeved collared shirt. If you wear a white shirt, you must have a black or red sweater or jacket.
  • Jackets are optional if you are wearing a black or red shirt. Solid black or solid red jackets are acceptable.
  • No polo, golf or T-shirts.
  • Black pants.
  • Ties are suggested, but not required and must coordinate with the above solid colors in a tasteful manner.
  • Basic black dress shoes.

If you have specific questions about our dress code policy, please e-mail us at at least three days before your volunteer date so that we may approve any special needs.