Drop Off & Parking

An accessible drop off zone is located in the AlleyWay off Texas Avenue. ADA entrances may be accessed via the AlleyWay entering from Prairie.

Alley Theatre Garage

Designated spaces can be found on Level 11 & 13 in the Alley Theatre garage. When parking in the Alley Theatre garage press the G button in the elevator for the ground level. Exit through the glass doors and turn right to the Alleyway. The entrance to the building is on your left.  It is approximately 160 feet, inclined up, with no curb from the Alley Theatre garage elevator to the Lobby. Please note that the Neuhaus Theatre is not ADA accessible from the Alley Theatre Garage elevators. Taking the Alley Theatre Garage elevator to the basement level requires the ascent of eight steps to the Neuhaus tunnel level.

Please be aware that Alley Theatre Garage attendants will be are wearing a shirt with the M-M Properties logo and will be standing inside the garage entrance in front of the ticket booth. Do not give money to anyone standing outside the garage entrance or on the street.

Theater District Underground Parking

Designated spaces can be found on Level 1, Aisle B in the Theater District Parking garage. You may access the Alley Theatre building via the tunnel. The 130 foot route does include incline and descent grade changes which may prove challenging for non-motorized wheelchairs or those on foot. You may enter directly into the Neuhaus Theatre lobby or take the elevator to the 615 Texas Avenue Lobby or Hubbard Theatre.


To help our guests better plan for their trip to the theatre, the following distances are provided:
  • Guest Services is located on the street level facing Texas Avenue.
  • Alley Theatre garage elevator to box office lobby elevator:  160 feet, inclined up, no curb
  • Guest Services to theatre elevators: 25 feet
  • Elevator to Hubbard Theatre, Section 2 lift:  175 feet
  • Section 2 lift to Section 2, Row E:  20 feet
  • Elevator to Hubbard Theatre, Section 4 lift: 190 feet
  • Section 4 lift to Section 4, Row E:  20 feet
  • Rows M and E are the only rows accessible in the theatre without the need to take steps.
  • Elevator to inside the Neuhaus: 80 feet There is a slight rise from the ticket scanning checkpoint to the theatre. 

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