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Oskar and the shockingly bad internet connection

By Matt Ackels & Prince Gomolvilas
Directed by Mary Sutton


For the first time ever, the creators of the acclaimed Oskar series bring everything online in a timely, innovative, and interactive new play!

✓  FREE and available all spring to suit teachers' unpredictable scheduling needs
✓  Flexible with three 10 to 15-minute segments
✓  Pre-, during, and post-show activities allow teachers to tailor their own classroom experiences
✓  SEL and TEKS-aligned for K-5
✓  Students will emerge in 2021 as heroes to themselves and others!

When an unforeseen global event forces Oskar to stay home and attend school online, he is not sure how to adjust. He has spent six months preparing a very special show and tell experience. It’s magical. It’s the best of the best, but it won’t work on the internet... at all! Soon, he stops feeling like himself and starts spiraling into a pit of worrisome ill-fitting coping strategies and troubling emotions. But with the help of his family, his peers, and his community, he learns to adapt and get back to doing the thing he’s best at: being Oskar! 

In this new groundbreaking three-episode series, Oskar will be compelled to figure out how to adapt and transform, even in isolation. He will learn to strike a balance between the virtual and the real. And his friends—all the students watching him online—will walk away from the screen having learned valuable lessons about coping when life just isn’t going your way, being mindful when the world is out of control, and the value of staying connected amidst the noise. All the wonder, humor, and heart that are the signature of the Oskar stage shows have now been brilliantly adapted for the Zoom age!



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