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Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Jersey Lily

April 14 – May 7, 2023

  • By Katie Forgette 

  • Directed by Brandon Weinbrenner 

  • Hubbard Theatre



The wit of Oscar Wilde meets the cunning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this comic twist on a classic sleuthing caper, Wilde’s muse, actress Lillie Langtry (a.k.a the Jersey Lily) presents Holmes with what seems like an open and shut case. But with his superior powers of deductive reasoning, Sherlock wastes no time in exposing a much more sinister conspiracy. Meanwhile, Oscar Wilde is in the throes of writing his acclaimed Importance of Being Earnest and Holmes might inspire some of the play. In a fast-paced ride full of surprises and disguises, Holmes and Watson must do whatever it takes to help their friends…while facing their greatest foe.


This comedic mystery contains violence, in keeping with its genre and source material. To learn more about the content of this show, please click here for our content advisory page.


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